Intrigued by Monday’s blog post about Erotic Comic books, we decided to dig further and see what else was out there.

“Oh Joy, Sex Toy”, one of the cartoons mentioned in yesterday’s list also features—wait for it—erotic coloring books for adults.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know that coloring books have made a comeback in the last few years with a new audience: adults.

Coloring books are being sold to adults at a record pace, because they are advertised to be a great stress reliever.

Have anxiety? Draw in a coloring book.

Bored? Draw in a coloring book.

Want to pretend that your five? Draw in a–kidding, just kidding.😜

“Oh Joy, Sex Toy” creates comics that nearly covers everything found in the sex industry and sex education.

They are well drawn, and very relatable.

(They are very sexy, too. Take a look at the two girls getting it on. That’s HOT!)

If this is a turn on for you, let us know.😉

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