So I’m sort of obsessed with getting my butt to be bigger, but not Kim K big! Just enough so guys notice😊. I surfed YouTube and found this for you guys. Not gonna lie, I think she’s super cute and has a very nice butt…and I’m sure those 9,000,000+ views aren’t just from the ladies! I bet there’s tons of prepubescent boys watching, or men who get off on workout videos.

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Ahhh, work and sex and sex at work. What can I say about it that people don’t already know? The fact that you will most likely hook up with someone you work with? Yup. I’m sure everyone has done it at least once, or twice. That’s why someone made a how-to video for those who want to do it the right way.

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Are you feeling lost and have no clue what to do when you’re around girls? Do you feel (as the kids would say these days)…awkward as f**k? Perhaps you need a teacher. A smart and sexy virtual teacher, someone who will guide you to the art of pleasing a real woman…in real life!

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Check out this hilarious video of Alyx, aka Ayydubs who does phone sex when she’s bored and makes a video of it! Not only is it funny, but Alyx is also super cute and quite sexy. I couldn’t look away. She’s very entertaining and makes me wonder if she’s a real phone sex operator…🤔😳😂

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Welcome guys and girls to the brand spanking new 1-800-SEXTALK blog! We’ll be putting up more sex-related content into this blog, and we hope you enjoy.

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