Dirty Talk–In the Bedroom

It can be hard to pull off on your first few attempts. Here’s a great video made by SNL going through the motions of what NOT TO DO…

(Thank you Melissa Villaseñor and Aziz Ansari for giving us this gem). 

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we are here, if you need to practice talking dirty. Our girls can help you along so that when you do need to perform in real life, that you can do it well.

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Human Bonding.

It sounds easy, but it’s really hard for a lot of people.

Being able to connect to another human being beyond a friendship can be down right terrifying.

This comic strip, The Pigeon Gazette, does a terrific job cherishing the littlest of moments when you have begun to “bond” with a (hopeful) partner.




we offer a safe place where you can explore this very topic, and…
+your insecurities          +your fantasies         +your deepest darkest desires   +your questions     +your concerns     +your fears     +your wants  







Remember this 🍆 phallic shaped fruit?

(Yes, it’s a fruit not a vegetable).

You have probably used it as a penis🍆 to simulate all kinds of sex with your SO via text messaging. Or stuck it places on images for fun. Well, now you can stick it in places IRL.

😂 RIGHT?! 😂

Meet Emojibator! Yes, you can now masterbate using an emoji! This eggplant themed vibrator comes in 10 vibration speeds, and looks like a lot of fun. The company, based in Philadelphia, also creates a 🌶️ to spice things up between the sheets.

We at


CANNOT wait for them to make a 🍯 for the 🍆. (Think: 🔦) What kind of emoji would you like made into a sex toy? 💪? 🍌?🥔? Tell us in the comments below! Or call us! We’d love to hear what you think about these toys and how they would apply to you. 😎


Have you ever wondered…

How Do You Make Out?

This isn’t something that is taught in grade school.

If you went through public education, you would know that having a quality sexual education course was a hard find.

(Even harder under private education. Imagine religious schools talking about pegging).

The usual topics in Sex Ed were discussed:

  • penis in the vagina/anus/mouth

  • wear a condom (or else!!!)

  • here’s how babies are born

  • Aunt Flo


  • guys, quit publicly scratching your balls. We see you.

Well, thank goodness for the internet, and for


After learning these survival techniques, call us, and we’ll help walk you through the next few steps… 😉



Thank goodness there are places like


where it’s perfectly okay to Talk about Sex.

Do you have questions that you have always wanted to ask a woman?

Do you have fantasies or common daydreams that you want to expand upon?

Our girls are all ears!

Nothing is taboo. Nothing is off-topic.

Our ladies are open-minded women.

So Let’s Talk About Sex!


I’m that girl everyone and no one notices at work. Yes, I interact with LOTS of people every single day – from the CEO to the mail man, to all the people that go in and out of the building, even the janitor…but honestly NO ONE ever really notices me. I answer the phones ALL day, file papers away, order lunch for everyone, run errands…and they just give me more and more work to do and it’s nonstop until it’s FINALLY! time to go. Nobody cares or even asks me how I’m doing, it’s as if I’m invisible. Literally.

So when I go home from my boring day job, I get to play and relax on the phone. I get to let my naughty side out, moaning and saying super sexy stuff. I honestly get so much relief from roleplay and having phone sex with sexy sounding strangers.

Is your job as boring as mine? Do you want to talk about it, maybe get naughty with me?😘

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I love, love, LOVE Mia Khalifa. Not only is she super hot, but she’s smart as fuck and I WISH I had big boobs just like her. All the guys love her because of her boobs AND she’s heavily into sports. A total dream.😍

Here she is breaking down 9 reasons why having big boobs is the shittiest part of the summer…

although let’s be real here. No one would really give her a second look if she DIDN’T have those big boobs of hers.

Am I right?

That’s what I thought.

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