Have you ever wondered…

How Do You Make Out?

This isn’t something that is taught in grade school.

If you went through public education, you would know that having a quality sexual education course was a hard find.

(Even harder under private education. Imagine religious schools talking about pegging).

The usual topics in Sex Ed were discussed:

  • penis in the vagina/anus/mouth

  • wear a condom (or else!!!)

  • here’s how babies are born

  • Aunt Flo


  • guys, quit publicly scratching your balls. We see you.

Well, thank goodness for the internet, and for


After learning these survival techniques, call us, and we’ll help walk you through the next few steps… 😉



Thank goodness there are places like


where it’s perfectly okay to Talk about Sex.

Do you have questions that you have always wanted to ask a woman?

Do you have fantasies or common daydreams that you want to expand upon?

Our girls are all ears!

Nothing is taboo. Nothing is off-topic.

Our ladies are open-minded women.

So Let’s Talk About Sex!


I love, love, LOVE Mia Khalifa. Not only is she super hot, but she’s smart as fuck and I WISH I had big boobs just like her. All the guys love her because of her boobs AND she’s heavily into sports. A total dream.😍

Here she is breaking down 9 reasons why having big boobs is the shittiest part of the summer…

although let’s be real here. No one would really give her a second look if she DIDN’T have those big boobs of hers.

Am I right?

That’s what I thought.

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Maybe you’ve seen me post about ASMR before here and here. I’m a huge fan even though I’ve never actually experienced the tingling sensations people experience. I just love the sounds and visuals, there is something very relaxing about it. If you’re reading this and can’t sleep, try this sleepy time ASMR video by one of my favorites Gentle Whispering. Enjoy.

If you are still awake and just bored as hell, then give us a call…

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So I’m sort of obsessed with getting my butt to be bigger, but not Kim K big! Just enough so guys notice😊. I surfed YouTube and found this for you guys. Not gonna lie, I think she’s super cute and has a very nice butt…and I’m sure those 9,000,000+ views aren’t just from the ladies! I bet there’s tons of prepubescent boys watching, or men who get off on workout videos.

If you enjoyed this video, why not talk to one of us LIVE and have your own little workout? It’s so much fun!😚

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Ahhh, work and sex and sex at work. What can I say about it that people don’t already know? The fact that you will most likely hook up with someone you work with? Yup. I’m sure everyone has done it at least once, or twice. That’s why someone made a how-to video for those who want to do it the right way.

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