There must be a deep, twisted craving within me…

a craving to have my asshole boss’s hard fucking cock sliding in and out of my dripping wet pussy. I feel like all my problems are gone when he’s on top of me, calling me a slut and pounding me into pure ecstasy.

But that’s the thing, in real life he IS my fucking problem.😩😩😩

I have been dreaming about him a lot again. It’s kinda crazy how one can live a double life it seems – one where you hate someone in real life but still want to fuck them in your dreams. I still truly hate his guts and he has made me cry at work. He apologized but that didn’t change a thing; he was back to his assholish self the next day like nothing happened.

Why do I stay there? My friends keep asking me why I continue to keep on working there and taking on the verbal abuse…I mean, he doesn’t do it to anybody else? I’m so confused. And yet, I still go in the next day and work my ass off.

I couldn’t tell them what the real reason was, it would be too embarrassing and they’d totally talk shit to me about it.

I think it’s because I LITERALLY want to fuck him. I can’t be the only one who feels this way! Has this happened to you?

Anyways, if you’d like to hear more details about my crazy sex dreams with my boss…you should give me call! I also want to hear about yours!

Call me!😘


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If not, then you can just call us to talk about whatever…

Call me!😘


Halloween is the BEST and funnest holiday EVER, hands down! And let’s not pretend that you DON’T like seeing all the girls turning into literal SLUTS. Wow, I LOVE SLUTS especially the undercover ones because they’re obviously the freakiest, don’t you agree?😜 Talk about a real transformation! I mean, your quiet co-worker or your nerdy best friend or some random chick you never paid attention to who works at Domino’s Pizza just got hot all of a sudden, showing more skin than usual. Like seriously, WHERE did that come from?? You know you LOVE it.

And everyone is so wild and free during the Halloween season, I say you should let loose and let your imagination run WILD by giving us a call…😘🎃👻💀😈

Call me!


It’s been a while since we posted a pic of a smoking hot MILF. Julia Ann comes to mind; who has the body AND the brains. We truly respect and appreciate the women who can have longevity in the porn industry; sure men adore you when you’re young and tight but don’t think much of you when you start to show wrinkles. I say SCREW that, older women RULE!👑

So anyways, I hope this picture gets your motor going. Do you want to talk to your fantasy MILF? What does she look like? Know that you can talk about anything you want, all you have to do is call me now honey to get our sexy conversation started!😘

Call me, hon…


There’s this guy I work with…let’s just say I HATE his guts.😡 And guess what? He just so happens to be MY BOSS. You guys, he SO mean to me; he treats me like I’m some dumb blonde who doesn’t understand what he’s telling me. So maybe I messed up a couple of times but that doesn’t give him the right to be mean to me always, does it? I dunno. I seriously dream about flipping him off and walking out everyday, it’s absolute torture just to get up to work everyday and be his slave.☹️

But here’s the kicker: I’ve been dreaming about him…A LOT. In a SEXUAL way. I knowww right, GROSS!😷

Like seriously…WTF.😳

Like the other night, I was dreaming that I was sucking his big, massive cock.😳

In my dream he called me in to bring him his reports, but he was such a jerk to me as usual – saying to his clients jokingly that I couldn’t understand anything anyway so you could say whatever you want to her and she’ll just nod her head and smile.

I knew he wasn’t joking.

When I brought him his reports, I was furious. I’ve had it.

So what did I do? I stormed into his office. And for whatever reason, he was already standing up with his big D out, rock hard and whatnot, smirking at me. But he still had his clothes on.

He said: you’re not gonna quit this job, Brianne. You know why? Cause deep down, I know you wanna SUCK MY BIG, FAT COCK.🍌

And in my dream, I smiled and nodded at him just like I normally do in real life when he belittles me in front of clients. WTF was wrong with me?! I was also already halfway naked. I literally floated towards his cock, getting on all fours, opening my mouth and licking my lips, hungry for it like a dog. My nipples were popping through my thin, white blouse. It was so surreal and my mouth was REALLY dry. I literally wanted to fill my mouth with his cock.

Admittedly I was SO horny for him, my panties soaking wet and yet still feeling angry as fuck all at once. I felt helpless, a mix of emotions had taken over me. But his cock looked so good and I had to admit, he was a HOT jerk of a boss.

Do you want to know what happens next? Call me at the phone number below to find out!😘

Call 1-800-SEXTALK

I’m that girl everyone and no one notices at work. Yes, I interact with LOTS of people every single day – from the CEO to the mail man, to all the people that go in and out of the building, even the janitor…but honestly NO ONE ever really notices me. I answer the phones ALL day, file papers away, order lunch for everyone, run errands…and they just give me more and more work to do and it’s nonstop until it’s FINALLY! time to go. Nobody cares or even asks me how I’m doing, it’s as if I’m invisible. Literally.

So when I go home from my boring day job, I get to play and relax on the phone. I get to let my naughty side out, moaning and saying super sexy stuff. I honestly get so much relief from roleplay and having phone sex with sexy sounding strangers.

Is your job as boring as mine? Do you want to talk about it, maybe get naughty with me?😘

Call me!


I love, love, LOVE Mia Khalifa. Not only is she super hot, but she’s smart as fuck and I WISH I had big boobs just like her. All the guys love her because of her boobs AND she’s heavily into sports. A total dream.😍

Here she is breaking down 9 reasons why having big boobs is the shittiest part of the summer…

although let’s be real here. No one would really give her a second look if she DIDN’T have those big boobs of hers.

Am I right?

That’s what I thought.

Call 1-800-SEXTALK