Listen up Men…

If you are not getting any, or participating in self-pleasure you aren’t doing yourself ANY favors.

In fact, you may be putting your physical and mental health in danger.

Here are a few inserts from a Men’s Health Magazine that should help encourage you to pick up your cellphone and call 1-800-SEX-TALK right away…

If you don’t masturbate, your risk of prostate cancer goes up.

If your dry spell extends to the self-pleasure zone i.e., if you’re not masturbating at all research says that’s not healthy. In fact, multiple studies have pointed to the conclusion that “high ejaculation frequency” (a.k.a. jerking off at least 4.6 to seven times a week) is linked to a lower risk of prostate cancer. So get out those baby wipes and turn on Pornhub for the sake of your own health.


Your immune system gets weaker.

Orgasms are incredibly beneficial to your immune system, as psychologists Carl Charnetski and Francis Brennan Jr. found. They conducted a study where they asked patients who were having sex once or twice a week to provide saliva samples. Those samples were found to contain an extremely high concentration of the common-cold busting antibody immunoglobulin A. Who knew that extremely close contact was a net-positive in terms of preventing illness?


Your blood pressure can spike.

A great night of lovemaking can make literally everything else in the world feel better. Even if your boss won’t stop breathing down your neck, or if you’re under a bunch of deadlines, youre consistently getting laid, so all of that stuff seems super manageable.

Science says thats not a coincidence. In fact, a 2006 study in the medical journal Biological Psychology found that people who were having regular sex had lower levels of blood pressure than those who weren’t.

Pretty scary, huh?

Check out the rest of the article here.

So rather than have to make the above a reality, give us a call.

Self-pleasuring is healthy after all, and we want you to live a long, wonderful life.

1-800-SEX TALK

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