Oh my goodness, the ESPY’s are going to happen on July 12th, and right now they are having their open voting. We at 1-800-SEX-TALK can’t decide who to vote for in the category of “Best Male Athlete”. It is Sidney Crosby from the NHL? Some of us like boys who know how to swing their sticks. *ehem* Or is it Kris Bryant from MLB? We definitely like guys who know how to handle their balls… Or is it Michael Phelps from the world of Swimming? We ladies absolutely love it when guys wear very little, and know how to do an excellent pelvic thrust. Butterfly kick anyone? *tee hee hee* And, last but not least, could the vote go to Russell Westbrook from the NBA? A #BBC who knows how to handles his balls. Oh, fuck, this is a hard decision. Who are you going to vote for? Call and tell us!

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