I like to browse Craigs List

for odd jobs before the weekend, and usually choose one or two gigs to reply to. This is the part of CL that has all of the kinky wants and dreams, and “we’ll pay you to do it”.

Two weeks ago, I sold my spoiled underwear to a panty sniffer who paid $10 bucks for each pair that was worn for a month. I read later, that I sold them for too low of a price, so I guess that I need to read “Selling Used Panties 101”. You’re welcome, cheap panty guy, where ever you are.


A week ago, I found a guy who paid for dinner, and a hotel, but he didn’t want sex. No, no. No, sex. No, this guy had a fetish with women peeing on him. He just loved to be peed on. At dinner, I had to drink several glasses of pineapple juice (because he liked the taste of the urine), and to eat a small salad (for a more robust bladder). He’d pay me $250 if I peed all over him. And, he’d pay me more if directly into his mouth, while telling him “to drink me, baby”. You know, it wasn’t a bad experience at all. This guy had a dream, and I helped make it reality.


For this weekend, I found a guy who has a has a relationship with his Real Dolls. He owns two, I think. He wants me to be the girl who watches. Again, no sex involved. He wants me to watch him while he makes out with his girls, and have sex with them. But what do I do? I watch. And, I comment on his technique. He says that he has autism, and having someone giving him sex advice while he practices helps him learn about real women and their needs. Its a unique situation, and hey, it pays. He was offering $200 per a session. He plans on having five sessions, and will only let me commit after the first one. So, if we’re not a match, he’d let me opt out. Pretty cool.


Anyways, that’s all I have for today. I thought that I’d share that with you. If you have any fetishes that I can provide over the phone, please let me know. I only do the Craig’s List ads on the side. Sorry, but I won’t go to your place no matter how much you try to sweet talk me. Thats the line that I refuse to cross. And, you know, the phone is so much better. Like, I can be ANYONE to your hearts content. I can recreate your fantasies (it’s only as good as your imagination is), and we’d have a great time.


Give me a call. Im all ears. 😉

1-800-SEX TALK